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Know More About The Reddit Website Now

Are you aware of a website which serves as an entertainment media as well as a social networking site where you can share your news with the world at one place? Then you must know about Reddit. Did u know what’s Reddit? It is a social networking site along with the entertainment and news sharing website where you can register into it as a member or a community. You can sign up and share your news and post which you want to share with other peoples in the world. You can even vote the submissions by up or down according to your own opinion. The contents in the feed are categorized according to the area of interest and it is called as subreddits.

It was founded by the students of university of Virginia, roommates Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian. It has its headquarters at San Francisco, California, United States of America. It is a private organization which is invested by many investors. This site consists of collection of entries which are being submitted by thousands of registered users all over the world since it serves almost worldwide. Even people can view some of the entries in the front page without registering. It also shows the ratings of the new submissions for your easy access. There are more than 174 million of users available and registered in this site.

Know how to use reddit. It is very easy to use this site. It is basically like other social networking site and it’s all about submissions of your content and voting according to your opinion. In order to submit your information you need to sign up or create an account in this site like other sites. It is as simple as signing in you need not confirm your email id or verify. If you want to know information about something happening around the world you can subscribe in your FrontPage. In a social networking site it is obvious to add friends into your account.All you need to do is just go to the preferences menu and click friends where you can add, delete or edit them according to your wishes. So why are you waiting? Sign up today!